1st blog post

Yo yeah so this is a blog post made by me Nathan nice of the kitchen couch podcast the creator of the kitchen couch.com. this is where I will go and give give you all of the behind-the-scenes blog posting content from the podcast the website and the real life artist of Nathan nice me. I will try to give you as much pictures real life nitty gritty ups and downs rise and falls Rise and Shine songs stumbles and falls. Please comment please leave feedback feel free to check the website email at the kitchen couch. Com phone number 509 557 05 to 1 05 to 1 2 1 Jesus f****** and you could bet that this is about to be the most Poppin should you ever f****** ever heard of ever f****** ever f*** f*** f*** ever f*** my n**** yo for real for real and that's the bet

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