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MY Niche is between a real nigga and a foodie. a street journalist.

What up tho?

I’m @Nathinnice (on my social traps) Welcome to @thekitchencouch (on socials). My platform is a place for entrepreneurs, chefs, artist, activist, and people of all spectrum to give up game and kick it with a real one. The reason for @thekitchencouch name, you ask? Basically to sum it up it is a place to talk about food, travel, entrepreneurship and a collective of stories and experiences. Some of these stories will make you laugh, make you cry, inform you and inspire you.

My story is about a light skin-bourdain who has bounced around Seattle’s culinary industry learning and trying new foods, going through life adventures. My stomach is rumbling for more travel and more experiences.

My podcast is a long format what I call “lax interviews” with people I believe are doing something against the norm and pushing the envelope!

Best believe I keep 1000 and never try to perpetrate something I am not.

Be apart of the action!



509-557-0521 = Thekitchencouch hotline


Nathin Nice